Nobukazu Takemura


Although he is now based in Germany, Nobukazu Takemura was born in 1968 Japan, a turbulent time of social change.

He grew up in Osaka where he first started making his own music while he was still in his teens, using only a tape recorder and synthesizer, Having cut his teeth with several bands and music groups in Osaka and Kyoto, the originality of his music soon fascinated many music fans. Ever since being introduced to US by Thrill Jockey Records in 1998, his music sensibilities have continued to spread overseas.

Original performances

He has frequently performed in European Art Festivals and joined many Live Tours in the U.S., such as /TORTOISE /and others/./

He was sponsored by the British Art Council, and went on a 2004 UK Live Tour with his own group, together with a collaboration of his friends from Chicago as guest musicians.

Since then, Takemura had also produced an experimental unit gassemblerh, which created a variety of improvisations/ /for the guitar and other instruments using Graphic Score, which is an abstract visual representation of sound.

Commissioned works

Takemura played commissioned pieces of work from the chamber group /Bang On A Can/ in NY for the first time, in 2004.
Then in 2007, he showed his unique mix of original short films accompanied by his Chamber music score to the Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt in Berlin.

His body of work has been broadened further by designing sounds for TV programs, Films, TV ads, in addition to working with Issey Miyakefs fashion show and composing emotional sounds for the SONY /AIBO/ robot. He has also become a well-known producer as well as being a noteworthy musician. For example, he has remixed the works of such diverse musicians as Yo la Tengo and Steve Reich, or performed collaborations with Jensen Barbieri, dj Spooky,Zu and Yoshihide Otomo........

Not only does he have his original sound, but he also creates original animations, paintings, installations, and films. His artworks were introduced in a gallery with a group of artists and he has since held a solo exhibition in 2006.

Included in his portfolio are experimental works, nursery rhymes, as well as pieces for acoustic and string quartets and popular music for serious commercial projects.

Takemurafs music is distinctive in a way that does not stick to any one style, but frequently adapts by changing instruments and genres ranging from Rock , Hiphop and Noize to contemporary music.

The unifying theme of his music, however, is inspired by a gchildfs viewh of the world.

This does not mean that his music is simply derived by something childishly pretty, but somehow it reminds us of fundamental human nature and re-awakens our senses to something that we may have forgotten.

As a Japanese man who was born during the chaos of revolution and information of late 60s, he considers himself to have the eyes of an explorer and a critic.

Takemura is always interested in society and culture; the forms of media; its connection with music, art and political power; or its relationship with entertainment and performing art.

Takemura recently left his long term home of Kyoto and is now based in Germany.

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